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A look out on the investments in the Wind Energy sector- Which Company should you invest with?

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A report was released by the RenewableUK in September 2017. Its main focus was on the fact that there has been an elevation in the involvement of UK companies in evolving, designing and functioning British offshore wind farms. About 50% of these initiatives were made successful by the local firms which are a clear success for local labor as they will be provided with more opportunities. This also gives the investors an opportunity to invest their money with a company that is progressive and is likely to make more profit.

Associated British Ports (ABP)

ABP is a commonly popular primary port operator in Britain. With a highly complex business arena, the ABP deals with 21 ports, rail terminal operations, marine consultancy, and dredging. But the involvement of ABP in the offshore wind energy sector from the last 3 decades is a standout feature. Siemens has been working with ABP to build the Green Port Hull project. The project is estimated to cost £310 million. The main aim of this collaboration is to turn the area to an offshore wind turbine blade developing, assemblage and service facility. The major investor of this initiative is the Dudgeon wind farm which is based on the coast of Norfolk.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MVOW)

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MVOW) resulted in the partnership of Vestas Wind Systems A/S of Denmark and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd of Japan in 2014. The main aim of this collaboration is to co-create offshore wind projects. These projects will then be a source of sustainable energy dealing with energy and the climate crisis in the future. The company runs the Isle of Wight offshore wind turbine manufacturing facility whose current productionoutput and economic outcomes in the wind energy sector are estimated to be £200 million. UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey have said that “The blades which MVOW are going to produce are designed, evaluated and produced in the UK. It is a clear indication of the success of the offshore wind industry of the UK. It will be a great asset in terms of supply chain management in Britain.”


Although TUKWEP is not one of the most popular options in the wind energy industry, it has played an active role in developing investments form the investors which are then allocated to the firms involved in the clean energy projects. It has been in close contact with many local as well as international startups due to its services. It has been offering financing services to startups for effective business running and operations. The investor subscriptions are the main means of gaining money which can be as much as £20 million per investment round.

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